Preaching Along the Potomac: There Is More Love Somewhere

Generations of people have been attracted to UU Congregations by the belief that human choices – not (just) divine – matter. But in a world increasingly impacted by the harmful consequences of human agency like climate catastrophe and rising militarism, what are we to make of it all? This week UUCSS welcomes UUs from around the region as part of the “Preaching Along the Potomac” series, and we draw wisdom from a beloved hymn for this service about liberal faith and hope.

Part of the Preaching Along the Potomac Series

***This service is hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Silver Spring. It will be streamed onsite in the Davies Sanctuary and it can be accessed online via UUSCC’s Zoom link. After the service, Davies will gather as a congregation – onsite and online in our own Zoom room – to share our joys and sorrows, make announcements, and connect through special activities.***