Speaker: Rev. Norman Allen

Widening the Circle

As Unitarian Universalists, we’re called to recognize and affirm the “inherent worth and dignity of every person” but sometimes that can be a tall order. Sometimes we push our fellow human beings to the margins, or beyond! Embracing this month’s theme of “Widening the Circle,” … read more.

Intentional Joy

As we remember the profoundly delightful laugh of the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu, we declare our intention to recognize all that is joyful in our lives and our community. This online service celebrates our congregation’s resilience as we lift up the myriad gifts that each … read more.

A Boxing Day Breather

This online-only service will be relaxed and casual, with a little singing, a little preaching, and time for all of us to chat and share. We look forward to seeing you online HERE!

A Timely Tale – Joyfully Told

In these challenging times, we need a forward-looking tale of hope and joy! This Sunday, we bring the beloved Christmas story to life. A rollicking pageant will transform the community – online (HERE) and onsite – into a cast of thousands … read more.

Sujata’s Gift

In this season of giving, we consider all those whose quiet generosity made profound, global transformations possible. The name “Sujata” comes down to us across the millennia. Remembered as the woman who offered milk and honey to Siddhartha Gautama, Sujata revived his physical strength so … read more.

Opening to Joy

Join us as we enter the joyous season when light and shadow are in constant play—the season when we hear stories about miracles as humble as an ancient lamp flickering in the darkness and as breathtaking as a comet crossing the sky. This Sunday, we … read more.

Transgender Remembrance

During our annual service in remembrance of the transgender people whose lives were lost to violence and hate in the past year, we’ll lift up the names of the beloved and honor their courage. We’ll also take time to celebrate the joy that comes with … read more.