Speaker: Rev. Norman Allen

A Timely Tale

Gather the family and join us HERE as we bring the Christmas story to life, filling it with laughter and good cheer. An impromptu pageant will transform the online congregation into a cast of thousands, and our beloved musical artists will … read more.

To Celebrate the Dark

In the midst of the eight days of Hanukkah and with the Winter Solstice on the horizon, we celebrate the spiritual riches to be found among the shadows. Whether moving quietly through an ancient Temple lit by a single flame, or gazing at the North … read more.

The Advent of Advent

The Advent Season is one of mystery, stillness, and anticipation. We await the birth of a prophet who challenges us to see the world anew. We welcome the richness of long nights even as we look for the returning sun. We light candles of solemn … read more.

We Sing Now Together

As we approach this week devoted to giving thanks, we take inspiration – and strength – from a beloved hymn that calls us to honor the gifts of “our martyrs and heroes,” not to mention “the prophets, the teachers, the dreamers, designers, creators, and workers, … read more.

Moving Forward

On this Sunday morning, just five days after the election, we’ll take a breath, look around, and consider how we can best serve our community. Whether awaiting election results, demonstrating in support of our democratic principles, or celebrating a successful electoral process, we’ll take stock … read more.

United We Thrive

As Election Day nears, the Davies community lifts up the joys of its communal strengths. With the proven capacity to handle whatever comes down the pike, this is a congregation that leans on each other, that takes action when necessary, and that celebrates – now … read more.

Listen to the Rain

Embracing this month’s theme of Deep Listening, we’ll spend this “Golden Morning” together, tuning our senses to the “Autumn Leaves” and all the gifts that they carry. As we revel in the rhythms of the earth we also honor the values celebrated on this Indigenous … read more.

Blessing of the Animals

Our annual Blessing of the Animals is without limits this year! Whether you’ve got an aquarium on the shelf, a dog on your lap, a feline hogging your screen, or a weasel stalking your keyboard – all are welcome on Zoom for this festive event. … read more.

The Time We Looked Away

Inspired by the Jewish observance of Yom Kippur, the Davies congregation continues its annual tradition of reflection and self-assessment. Together we’ll take a courageous look at individual and collective missed opportunities—times when we might have made our love more abundant in the world. In the … read more.