Many Unitarian Universalists were not born to this faith but come to it as part of a personal journey of discovery. Others are raised in the tradition and build on a lifetime devoted to Unitarian Universalist values. Whatever your path, we welcome you as a friend and invite you to share your journey with us.

Membership is open to any person who wishes to follow Unitarian Universalist practices, and who embraces the Eight Principles of our faith. You’ll start by getting acquainted with the congregation through multiple visits, participate in a one-time class on our faith tradition, sign our membership book, and make a contribution of record. If you’ve been a regular visitor and are ready to sign the membership book, please speak with our minister.

The ease with which a person may join our community speaks to our values of intellectual freedom and our universal embrace of our fellow human beings. To continue that work also requires the sharing of our skills, our labor, our care for one another, and our financial generosity. Membership denotes a willingness to be identified with Unitarian Universalist values.

The Davies Unitarian Universalist Congregation is democratically run. The Board of Trustees is elected at our annual congregational meeting and act as our representatives. The trustees meet monthly in gatherings open to all.

The aspirations of the Davies membership is captured in our Mission Statement: “The Davies Unitarian Universalist Congregation is a multi-cultural and welcoming congregation of loving persons which perpetuates the vision of A. Powell Davies, and works to: encourage spiritual growth of adults and children; affirm individual dignity; explore truth and meaning in life; reach out to the community and work toward a just and sustainable world.”