Davies Unitarian Universalist Congregation is committed to a free and open pulpit where a variety of ideas are shared, encouraging new thinking and deep conversations. Below you’ll find an archive of our past services, many with an audio recording of sermons from Rev. Norm and guest preachers. A sampling of videos can be found on YouTube. After every service, you’re invited to join the preacher for a small group conversation about the sermon and its themes. We hope to see you there!

Music for the Clouds

Especially in troubling times like these, it’s important to find things that help us all connect. Music is one thing that many Unitarian Universalists have in common. Whether singing along with our beloved Davies musicians or considering the many ways that music might fill our … read more.

Divine Doorways & Godly Gates

The boundaries that once organized our lives have become blurry. In any given day, we might work, nap, eat, read, connect with friends, attend a worship service, or see a movie, all without ever leaving our bed. This pandemic has re-sized our lives, forcing us … read more.