Davies Unitarian Universalist Congregation is committed to a free and open pulpit where a variety of ideas are shared, encouraging new thinking and deep conversations. Below you’ll find an archive of our past services, many with an audio recording of sermons from Rev. Norm and guest preachers. A sampling of videos can be found on YouTube. After every service, you’re invited to join the preacher for a small group conversation about the sermon and its themes. We hope to see you there!

Your Life – Your Sermon

On this weekend devoted to the memory of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., we conclude our series on Integrity and Self-Reflection by turning our gaze outward and considering how our inner core – our faith – might shape our lives. Together, we’ll remember that our … read more.

A Quiet Integrity

In “The Journey,” poet Mary Oliver speaks of moving beyond the cacophony of voices telling us who we are – or who we ought to be – so we might hear the “new voice, which you slowly recognize as your own.” As we continue our … read more.

Journey to the Center

This January we enter a year whose numerical name is an apt pun for the kind of inner vision we seek but seldom find. To make a strong beginning, we’ll travel to our innermost selves – or attempt to. (As poet Luci Shaw writes, “I … read more.