Davies Unitarian Universalist Congregation is committed to a free and open pulpit where a variety of ideas are shared, encouraging new thinking and deep conversations.

Below you’ll find an archive of our past services, many with a video recording of sermons from Rev. Norm and guest preachers. A sampling of videos can also be found on YouTube.

After every service, you’re invited to join the preacher for a small group conversation about the sermon and its themes. We hope to see you there!

Rev. Joseph Jordan, Universalism in Action

This Sunday is our first trial “hybrid” service offered both online and onsite! Join us as we navigate these new waters AND celebrate educator Rev. Joseph Jordan (1842-1901), the first African American to be ordained by the Universalist General Convention. In founding the First Universalist … read more.

Unitarian Universalism Today

Fresh from their experience at the annual General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association, delegates Joyce Dowling and Siloam Onwuchekwa make a special video appearance, sharing their experiences and lessons learned. Join us as we lift our hearts in song and word and look to … read more.

Michael Servetus, Unitarian Martyr

Over the course of the summer, we’ll be looking at the lives and legacies of Unitarians and Universalists who paved the way for the faith tradition we embrace today. First up is Michael Servetus, the Spanish theologian who rejected the Holy Trinity in favor of … read more.