Sailing Together to New Horizons

As we kick-off this year’s Stewardship Campaign, we celebrate the theme of “Sailing Together to New Horizons.” We’ll consider Davies’ bright future and remember the commitments of “time and treasure” that make that future possible. Whether a visitor to the community or one of its … read more.

Judith Sargent Murray!

One of our great Universalist forebears, Judith Sargent Murray published essays on women’s rights, saw her plays produced onstage, and made a name for herself as a humorist, all before her 45th birthday in… 1795! In honor of Women’s History Month we lift up the life … read more.

Time Out – The Pause That Helps Us Heal

Our days and lives are busy and sometimes messy with distractions coming from many directions. What does it take for us to justify taking personal “time out” to relax and reflect, to recreate and regroup? And how can that help us re-enter with a better attitude … read more.