Dwelling in Possibility

How often have the words of others touched and influenced your life?  Shared viewpoints have called people to action, to contemplation, to making peace, or starting wars. Recognizing and acknowledging this may be a first step toward knowing when, where, and how to take responsibility for the … read more.

The Advent of Advent

The Advent Season is one of mystery, stillness, and anticipation. We await the birth of a prophet who challenges us to see the world anew. We welcome the richness of long nights even as we look for the returning sun. We light candles of solemn … read more.

To Celebrate the Dark

In the midst of the eight days of Hanukkah and with the Winter Solstice on the horizon, we celebrate the spiritual riches to be found among the shadows. Whether moving quietly through an ancient Temple lit by a single flame, or gazing at the North … read more.