Davies offers a variety of rituals and rites of passage. These include Child Dedications, Naming Ceremonies, Coming of Age Ceremonies, Weddings, and Memorial Services. All are provided free to members and for a reasonable fee to non-members. In keeping with our Eight Principles, rites and rituals are available to all who wish to celebrate or participate.

Child Dedications

Unitarian Universalists reject the notion of Original Sin (a theological concept developed in the early centuries of Christian history). Instead, we embrace a belief in Original Blessing. Our Child Dedications celebrate the commitment of loving parents and extended family, and the commitment of the congregation to nourish its newest and youngest members. The ceremony is performed during a worship service and includes a ritual that celebrates elements of both earth and spirit.


As a community that intentionally includes its teens in lay leadership, Davies is keen to celebrate the moment when those teens go out into the world, bringing their learning into new environments. Celebrated during a worship service, the Bridging ceremony echoes the Child Dedication in its focus on the gifts of the individual and the commitment from – and to – the community. 


We welcome the opportunity to fill the Sanctuary with the joyous energy of a wedding ceremony. Our minister is available to help shape and lead the service, or you may rent the space and invite others to officiate. Unitarian Universalists were central to the struggle for Marriage Equality. Deeply proud of that accomplishment, we are especially eager to celebrate the unions of same-sex couples. 


Memorial Services for Davies members are led by our minister and supported by the Memorial Committee. The Committee offers a rich biographical context for each Celebration of Life, and works closely with the family to provide a repast following the service. Our minister can also work with non-members to develop a meaningful memorial, and our rental team can help determine overall needs. Pastoral care is available to all who ask.