Our online worship services offer a combination of word, song, silence, and reflection. You’ll find us on Zoom HERE every Sunday at 10:30am.

Sermons from Rev. Norm and guest preachers are both uplifting and challenging. The music is largely contemporary, deeply resonant, and always in support of the morning’s theme. Central to our worship experience is the sharing of Joys & Sorrows when congregants share what’s in their hearts, either aloud or in silent reflection. Each service ends with our shared and sung benediction: “From you I receive, to you I give. Together we share, by this we live.”

“I go to church…because I fall below my own standards and need to be constantly brought back to them. I must have my conscience sharpened–sharpened until it goads me to the most thorough and responsible thinking and action of which I am capable.” – A. Powell Davies

After each service, those online are welcome to join 10-minute break-out rooms while those onsite gather for coffee and conversation. A post-service discussion begins about 15 minutes after the service. This hybrid gathering brings together those onsite and online and offers a deeper dive into the morning’s topic.

“Spirit of Life” is sung each Sunday and is accompanied by the children’s sign language interpretation, one of several ways in which worship services are intentionally multi-generational. A “Time for All Ages” is often included in the Worship Service, when Rev. Norm offers a fully-participatory experience with the children.

Children are in the Sanctuary for roughly the first 20 minutes of every service before adjourning to a classroom for activities and learning. Our teens take leadership roles during worship, serving as Worship Associates and sometimes as Lay Preachers. They’re also vital members of the Worship Committee.