Chew With Your Mouth Open

Continuing our yearlong focus on the world’s five largest religions, we welcome Rev. Miller Hoffman who will preach from the Christian gospels. Rev. Miller writes, “On the week after the Christian Easter, I’ll discuss the fairly gross imagery of John 6:56-69 as a reminder that Jesus was often slightly dodgy. In fact, if we’re not turned off or made uncomfortable by his words we might not be reading them right. In a story where Jesus offends his own disciples along with his antagonizers, it can be surprising to find a way of hearing about the Christian eucharist that makes the ritual seem fresh, and real, and relevant to the world we live in.”

Identifying as white, queer, and genderqueer, Rev. Miller Hoffman has worked for LGBTQ civil rights, anti-violence justice and meditative practice, for domestic violence- and rape survivors, and as the pastor of MCC congregations in New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. He studied at Union Theological Seminary and was ordained by MCC New York in 2004. Mind-body-spirit connections to social justice and the connectedness of all forms of violence deeply influence his theology and ministry. He lives in Carlisle, PA, with his girlfriend and a very bad cat.