Potluck Brunch and Communal Pulpit

Brunch starts at 10:30 and worship starts at 11, Sunday, August 27. Bring your favorite breakfast dish and your spiritual talent to share. Online folks are welcomed into community conversation starting at 10:30 and then to share the pulpit via Zoom. What can you do in the pulpit in three minutes? Sing, dance, recite poetry, do magic tricks, ask for volunteers, invite us to game night, tell a story, offer a blessing, or wherever the spirit leads you.

This is worship, so think about how your pulpit offering aligns with the 8 Principles or Values and Covenants, at the link HERE. But this is a UU congregation, so it’s an open mic for 3 minutes.   E-mail Lora Bennett ( llbennett712@gmail.com ) with your potluck brunch contribution or to secure the opportunity for up to 3 minutes in the pulpit. (Physical sign up sheets available on the church entry-area table.)