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Prince George’s People’s Coalition meeting

Meeting Date and Time: Sunday February 19th 2017 beginning at 5pm

Location of Event: Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church
Address of Event: 7400 Temple Hills Road, Temple Hills MD 20748
Contact Person: Jonathan W. Hutto, Sr.  Phone # (301) 395-5575  Email- jhutto77@yahoo.com

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Women’s March RE-Visioning Project

Women’s March RE-Visioning Project:
Members of Davies following the Women’s March on Washington
President’s Day, February 20th

Purpose: To revisit the Women’s March when almost 5 Million Women around the world stood up for Minority Rights.

At 5:30 pm, we will gather to share visions for future activism.

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Dedication of Black Lives Matter totem pole

Following the service there will be a dedication and brief celebration of our new totem pole, to show solidarity, created by our members along with art students at Gwynn Park High School and artist Caryl Henry Alexander. All are welcome.