Teach the Children Well: Positions Open at Davies

In the ongoing evolution of its services to children and families, the Davies Unitarian Universalist Congregation seeks to fill two important positions: 1) Children and Youth Programming Coordinator and 2) Childcare Provider. Detailed job descriptions can be  found below. If interested, please send a resume and/or letter of interest to Reverend Norman Allen at minister@daviesuu.org

1) Children and Youth Programming Coordinator

Reports To:  Minister

Supervises:   Volunteers  

Part Time:     4 Hours/Week; 3 hours/week on Sunday mornings and a one hour elsewhere

Compensation: $15/hr 

Goal: To support the congregation in providing its children with meaningful and joyous instruction that helps them develop an individual system of belief and nurtures an identity as lifelong Unitarian Universalists.

Primary Job Duties:

  • Present on Sundays from 10am to 1pm;
  • Schedules volunteer teacher pairs a month in advance;
  • Provides Soul Matters materials and assistance to volunteer teachers;
  • Maintains regular Sunday practices, such as opening and closing rituals, in collaboration with volunteer teachers;
  • Provides coverage if volunteers prove unavailable;
  • Provides differentiated activities when necessary, such as for extremely young children or children with special needs;
  • Attends Worship Services until accompanying children to their classes;
  • Maintains weekly rosters of attendance for data collection and use in emergency situations;
  • Attends meetings of the RE Committee.


  • The Coordinator shall be supervised by the Minister with input from the RE Committee.
  • The Minister shall annually complete and provide to the Coordinator a formal, written evaluation.
  • The Evaluation process will include opportunities for the Coordinator to comment and provide feedback and personal insights.
  • The Minister will communicate with the Board to keep them apprised of staff performance and evaluation.

Working Conditions:

  • The Coordinator will work 4 hours/week, 12 months of the year. 3 hours will be onsite on Sunday mornings. The remaining hour can be spent offsite for purposes of coordinating volunteers, preparing materials, etc. Occasionally the Coordinator will be onsite for events such as teacher trainings and committee meetings.

The Church will provide:

  • Resources to assist the Coordinator in their work
  • Understanding and compassion when life throws a curve ball
  • Easy access to the Minister and RE Committee Chair
  • Annual evaluation and goal setting

Leave and Benefits:

  • Sick Leave: It’s understood that the Coordinator may occasionally be ill or otherwise unable to perform their duties. There will be no salary reduction for a reasonable and occasional absence.
  • Benefits: As an employee working less than half-time, the Coordinator is not entitled to health, life or long-term disability insurance, and is not entitled to pension benefits.


The Coordinator is hired and fired by the Board of Trustees and evaluated by the Minister. 

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

  • We seek a person with experience working with children.

To Apply: 

2) Childcare Provider

Reports To:  Minister

Supervises:   Occasional Volunteers  

Part Time:     2 Hours/Week, 10:15am -12:15pm 

Compensation: $15/hr 

Primary Job Duties:

  • Provide childcare on Sunday mornings during Sunday Morning Worship. Supervise occasional volunteer assistants. 
  • Make sure the children’s classrooms are ready for children and open by 10:30 am.
  • Actively greet and explain nursery services to families as they arrive. 
  • Sanitize any toys or objects the children may have put in their mouths during play following each service.
  • Make sure toys are put away and classrooms are tidy following each service.
  • Work with church staff to ensure the creation of a safe and nurturing environment and that all relevant safety policies are adhered to. Maintain neat, clean and organized classrooms.
  • Demonstrate compassion and respect for the children, their parent/guardian(s), volunteers, and staff.
  • If a child becomes disturbed or distressed, the caregiver may use their discretion to determine whether to have parent/guardian(s) come to the classrooms to comfort the child or remove them from the room.
  • Keep attendance records and provide to the Office Assistant.
  • In the event that no children are present on a given Sunday, the Childcare Provider will be given other duties, ranging from greeting visitors to assisting other classes.

We will provide:

  • Resources that will assist you in your work with us.
  • Support, including volunteer recruitment, so you can concentrate on engaging the children in your care.
  • Understanding and compassion when life throws you a curve ball.
  • Easy access to the Minister and other leaders in the RE program
  • Annual evaluation and goal setting for the coming year.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

  • We seek a person with experience working with infants and toddlers. Preschool experience or education and Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification is desirable.  

To Apply: