Updates from Rev. Norm

In one of his regular letters to the Davies community, Rev. Norman Allen shared the following earlier today:

My Friends – As someone who comes alive in the autumn months, it gives me great to pleasure to reach out to you on September 1st. I’m looking forward to the gifts that come with the changing season! In that spirit, I want to share some updates – and offer new ways to deepen your engagement in our Davies community.

First, we’ve got three opportunities for spiritual development and learning coming up this month. (Two of them require registration so that we can plan appropriately.) I hope you’ll take advantage of these important offerings:

Facilitation Workshop, Tues., Sept. 8 at 7pm. Join me for a one-hour, experiential workshop to improve and strengthen your skills as a facilitator. We’re encouraging everyone who leads discussions – from book groups to committee meetings – to join us. (Email me at minister@daviesuu.org to register and receive the ZOOM link.)

Introduction to Islam, Wed., Sept. 16 at 7pm. Unitarianism was greatly influenced by Islam during the 16th Century. So it’s especially fitting that we gather with Davies friend Khalil Shadeed and learn some of the core concepts of this faith tradition, prior to his sermon on September 20. No registration is necessary. Join us HERE on the 16th.

Unitarian Universalist History & Theology, Wed., Sept. 23, 30; Oct. 7, 21. Join me for a deep dive into our Unitarian Universalist faith, and learn why we should avoid the acronym “UU” whenever we can! Together, we’ll explore seminal moments in our history, and lift up the marginalized voices in our tradition. If you took the course last fall, feel free to return. There will be new texts, and new insights shared by a new “community of learners.” Email me at minister@daviesuu.org to register and receive the ZOOM link.

As if all that weren’t enough, I can’t wait for our Ingathering Service and Water Communion on Sunday, September 13. This annual celebration is an essential element of our life as a community. I’m especially excited that we’ll be welcoming two longtime youth leaders into their new roles as members of the congregation. We’ll also launch a series of brief presentations from committees eager to share their enthusiasm – and their work!

We’re adapting the Water Communion ritual for the online experience. I’ll share details next week, but start thinking about collecting a small amount of water from a beloved place—the creek that you walk along or the tap in your cozy kitchen. You’ll need it with you during the service.

During last week’s “Evening with Rev. Norm,” we considered the “Survival Guide,” by Joy Ladin. It begins…

No matter how old you are,
it helps to be young
when you’re coming to life,

to be unfinished, a mysterious statement,
a journey from star to star.

My friends, we are always in the process of coming to life. As individuals and as a community, we are forever unfinished, a mysterious statement. I hope you’ll dive into these new opportunities to deepen and support that journey.

All good things, Rev. Norman Allen