Speaker: Connie Coombs

Gratitude in Our Communal Pulpit 

On this last Sunday in the month with Thanksgiving as a holiday at a 
particularly turbulent moment in time, Davies’ members share grateful 
recognition of generosities bestowed us and acknowledgments of the 
transformative power of gratitude. 
Share up to five minutes via song, dance, poetry, magic tricks, with a 
story, … read more.


Sometimes we get so caught-up in the rush of our lives that we overlook how fortunate we are. Hopefully, this will remind us of how grateful we should be for so many things that we have forgotten, and things that we take for granted. Join … read more.

Can You Hear Me Now?

When people speak about racism, they picture cross burnings, people in white sheets with hoods, people being beaten with clubs and being attacked by police dogs. However, there is a more pervasive form of racism that people of color encounter every day. It is unintentional … read more.