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We’ll share ideas about “Aging, the economy, and the future” – We’re all aging, what do you think will be your future and how will the economy affect it? Maybe you’re independently wealthy or you can’t think of a world where your financial situation will … read more.

Parlor Chat in Brandywine

Discussion takes place at the Dowlings in Brandywine. Topic: Escalating Inequality is a UUA proposed Congregational Study/Action Issue, which asks, “Upward mobility—the American Dream—has become a myth. Concentration of wealth and power has skyrocketed. King’s dream of justice and equality has fractured. Half of … read more.

Slave-owner Descendant and Slave Descendant Talk

Authors Tess Taylor and Reishar Raney will read from Taylor’s book, “The Forage House” at 3 p.m. Signed copies of the book, a collection of poems concerning Taylor’s discovery of her family’s legacy of slave-owning, will be available.

As a descendant of Thomas Jefferson and … read more.