Speaker: Rev. Norman Allen

A Fond Farewell

Rev. Norm’s last service will be jam packed! In addition to his farewell sermon, we’ll honor the lessons of Juneteenth and commission our delegates to represent us at General Assembly. Join us onsite if you can (or online HERE) then stick around to celebrate … read more.

Flower Communion Centennial

The first Flower Communion was offered by Rev. Norbert Čapek in Prague in June of 1923. Over the century since, this powerful ceremony has provided solace and joy to Unitarian Universalist congregations around the globe. Bring a flower with you – or have one ready … read more.

Pride (and Justice!) Sunday

On May 11, the Department of Homeland Security reported that violent threats against the LGBTQIA+ community are on the rise. They specifically named “actions linked to drag-themed events, gender-affirming care, and LGBTQIA+ curricula in schools.” On this annual Pride Sunday, we reaffirm our commitment to … read more.

Building On Our Gifts

This Sunday, we remember that we have the ability – and the responsibility – to transform the world, building upon our strengths to meet the challenges ahead. Join us onsite and online (HERE) as we renew our commitment to creating the Beloved Community with a worship … read more.

Let There Be Light!

Continuing our theme of Creativity, we take a look at Creation itself. Whether studying an ancient myth describing the first beam of light or a scientific treatise describing the Big Bang, the stories of our origins are rich in poetry and power. Join us onsite … read more.

Creating Joy

This Sunday, we leave our cares behind! Together, we make the conscious choice to create joy in our lives and to spread that joy throughout our beloved congregation and beyond. Join us as we celebrate new life, good work, and so much more. Onsite and Online (… read more.

“This Cairn of My Intentions…”

This Sunday, we turn to the poetry of Adrienne Rich, who uses the image of small stones piled along wilderness trails as “an assertion/that this piece of country matters/for large and simple reasons.” In anticipation of Earth Day, we consider the many modest acts that … read more.

A Golden Morning!

Our opening hymn this Easter Sunday calls us to “sing of golden mornings,” of “eager minds” and “hopes undaunted.” Together, we’ll lift up these words from Unitarian forebear Ralph Waldo Emerson as we consider the unique gifts of a truly Unitarian Easter celebration. Onsite and … read more.

A Good Friday Vigil

Gathering on the evening of Good Friday, we’ll consider how our wounded world might be reflected in the life of one who risked all to question power, to resist oppression, and to welcome those on the margins into the center. Our solemn time together sets … read more.