Speaker: Rev. Norman Allen

The Ocean I Travel

In celebration of Earth Day, we’ll spend some quality time with Peter Mayer’s brilliant hymn “Blue Boat Home” and its evocative imagery of a “wide universe” and “infinite sea.” Perhaps most important, we’ll consider what it means to be “ship’s companions” and “kindred pilgrim souls” … read more.

A White Supremacy Teach-In

This Sunday,  the Worship Committee invites the Davies community into the sacred work of anti-racism and the dismantling of White Supremacy lifted up in the 8th Principle of our faith. Included in this worship-full experience are an exploration of key vocabulary, readings from sacred texts, … read more.

“Now I Become Myself”

May Sarton’s poem “Now I Become Myself” offers a glimpse of the lifelong journey each of us takes toward becoming our truest self. She writes, “It’s taken/Time, many years and places;/I have been dissolved and shaken,/Worn other people’s faces.” Join us on Sunday morning as … read more.

Call My Name – An Easter Celebration

Join us HERE for a family-friendly worship service as we celebrate the springtime promise of an Easter morning. This festive, interactive gathering offers dramatic reenactments, spiritual reflections, and multiple opportunities to rejoice in community as we turn each other’s names into … read more.

Good Friday Vigil

Gathering on the evening of Good Friday, we’ll consider how our wounded world might be reflected in the final hours of the radical rabbi from Nazareth. As we revisit the gospel texts, we’ll rest in contemplative silence, sing quietly to ourselves, and consider the life … read more.

Judith Sargent Murray!

One of our great Universalist forebears, Judith Sargent Murray published essays on women’s rights, saw her plays produced onstage, and made a name for herself as a humorist, all before her 45th birthday in… 1795! In honor of Women’s History Month we lift up the life … read more.

Sailing Together to New Horizons

As we kick-off this year’s Stewardship Campaign, we celebrate the theme of “Sailing Together to New Horizons.” We’ll consider Davies’ bright future and remember the commitments of “time and treasure” that make that future possible. Whether a visitor to the community or one of its … read more.

The Hero(ine) of Purim

Esther is one of the most courageous of the many courageous women depicted in Hebrew scripture. Yet her bravery and intelligence are often overshadowed by her cousin Mordecai who gets much of the credit and takes none of the risk. During this especially festive … read more.

Answering the Call

In preparation for the Congregational Meeting on February 28, Rev. Norm explores what it means to be “called” to ministry. Join us HERE as we consider this critical moment in the life of the congregation. Then bring your questions for Rev. … read more.

Beloved Community at 1600 Penn?

During the Civil War, the White House became a crossroads for those who envisioned what we now call a “Beloved Community.” Visitors included Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, and Unitarian Julia Ward Howe. The arts were embraced and encouraged as never before. With Black History Month … read more.