Speaker: Rev. Norman Allen

How’s Waldo?

The beloved book series “Where’s Waldo?” provides hours of entertainment as we seek that iconic red and white striped shirt among crowds of people. But what if we changed the question to “How’s Waldo?” Using our imagination, we might move beyond the easy, factual determination … read more.

Our Future is TBD

With so much in flux and so much at stake, we recognize that our future – like this Sunday’s sermon – is TBD. Gathered together, we’ll take stock of the past week, and of the inauguration and its surrounding events. We’ll also look to the … read more.

On the Horizon

When we look to the horizon, we gaze on a phenomenon that always beckons and can never be reached. The horizon draws us onward to new adventures, new discoveries, and new accomplishments. (And at Davies, we venture forward together!) Rev. Norm looks to the year … read more.

A Candlelit Christmas Eve

Join us online HERE for a quiet and contemplative Christmas Eve service in the midst of this challenging – and joyous – holiday season. Together we’ll journey through familiar “Lessons and Carols” which call us to enter anew into the story … read more.

A Timely Tale

Gather the family and join us HERE as we bring the Christmas story to life, filling it with laughter and good cheer. An impromptu pageant will transform the online congregation into a cast of thousands, and our beloved musical artists will … read more.

To Celebrate the Dark

In the midst of the eight days of Hanukkah and with the Winter Solstice on the horizon, we celebrate the spiritual riches to be found among the shadows. Whether moving quietly through an ancient Temple lit by a single flame, or gazing at the North … read more.

The Advent of Advent

The Advent Season is one of mystery, stillness, and anticipation. We await the birth of a prophet who challenges us to see the world anew. We welcome the richness of long nights even as we look for the returning sun. We light candles of solemn … read more.

We Sing Now Together

As we approach this week devoted to giving thanks, we take inspiration – and strength – from a beloved hymn that calls us to honor the gifts of “our martyrs and heroes,” not to mention “the prophets, the teachers, the dreamers, designers, creators, and workers, … read more.

Moving Forward

On this Sunday morning, just five days after the election, we’ll take a breath, look around, and consider how we can best serve our community. Whether awaiting election results, demonstrating in support of our democratic principles, or celebrating a successful electoral process, we’ll take stock … read more.