Speaker: Rev. Norman Allen

A Wider Embrace

This Sunday we look to the future of the Davies congregation, and the critical need for renewed vitality and growth. How do we open our hearts and minds as we seek out those Davies members we’ve yet to meet? How do we step outside the … read more.

In Love with a Shrub Oak

In 1856, Henry David Thoreau recorded some exciting news about his love life. “There was a match found for me at last,” he wrote in his journal. “I fell in love with a shrub oak.” As the trees around us wake from their winter sleep … read more.

May Day Magic!

Together, we dive into the sunny promises of the season with a celebration of May Day! We’ll fill the Sanctuary with springtime joy then spill outside after the service to share in refreshments, fun, and conversation. Join us onsite or online (HERE) as we … read more.

The Women of Easter

This Sunday we delve into one of the myriad foundational texts of Unitarian Universalism as we celebrate the women who made Jesus’s ministry possible. From his mother Mary (who prompted him to turn water into wine) to Mary Magdalene (the first to spread the good … read more.

Good Friday Vigil 

Gathering on the evening of Good Friday for this online-only service, we’ll consider how our wounded world might be reflected in the final hours of the radical rabbi from Nazareth. As we visit ancient and contemporary texts, we’ll consider the life … read more.

Now More Than Ever, We Journey Together

With new possibilities opening before us, we kick-off our annual Stewardship Campaign with the theme “Now More Than Ever, We Journey Together.” As we celebrate our emergence from a difficult two years, we’ll also face the challenges that lie ahead, and enjoy a festive, forward-looking morning … read more.

Stories Told and Untold

In preparation for this Sunday’s intergenerational walking tour in Alexandria, we’ll take time during morning worship to explore some local history. Together, we’ll consider the stories that are familiar, the stories that are distorted, and the stories that are seldom – if ever – shared.  … read more.

Renewing Our Faith

(Join us onsite or online HERE.) With COVID numbers decreasing and spring on the way, we find ourselves stepping cautiously into a world that is opening to new life. In this opportunity for renewal, we remember the wisdom of our namesake, … read more.

Out of the Flames

As the world moves away from the promises of peace, we gather to lift up the lives of those who might lead us out of the flames of fear and toward the guiding light of our beloved chalice. Join us onsite in the Davies sanctuary or … read more.

Langston and Lorraine

This Sunday we dive into the lives and language of poet Langston Hughes and playwright Lorraine Hansberry. It was a line from Hughes’s poem “Harlem” that inspired the title of Hansberry’s play “A Raisin in the Sun.” What might these great artists teach us as … read more.