Speaker: Rev. Norman Allen

Sujata’s Gift

In this season of giving, we consider all those whose quiet generosity made profound, global transformations possible. The name “Sujata” comes down to us across the millennia. Remembered as the woman who offered milk and honey to Siddhartha Gautama, Sujata revived his physical strength so … read more.

Opening to Joy

Join us as we enter the joyous season when light and shadow are in constant play—the season when we hear stories about miracles as humble as an ancient lamp flickering in the darkness and as breathtaking as a comet crossing the sky. This Sunday, we … read more.

Transgender Remembrance

During our annual service in remembrance of the transgender people whose lives were lost to violence and hate in the past year, we’ll lift up the names of the beloved and honor their courage. We’ll also take time to celebrate the joy that comes with … read more.

An Honest History

At School Board meetings across the country – and close to home – the telling of our nation’s true history has come under threat. This Sunday — onsite and online — join us as we gather our courage to consider the good, the bad, and … read more.

Blessing of the Animals

This year we celebrate our annual Blessing of the Animals outdoors on the Davies grounds! Join us for worship at 10:30 and bring along your furry, finned, and feathered friends – in person or in photographs. We’ll also be live streaming … read more.

To Forgive and Be Forgiven

It’s become a Davies tradition to embrace the spiritual gifts of Yom Kippur, the most sacred of Jewish holidays. In this time of deep reflection, we pause to name our shortcomings and to forgive others for theirs. Join us HERE as we enter into … read more.

Tranquil Streams that Meet & Merge

This year’s celebration of Ingathering and Water Communion features a two-part worship experience. The online-only service can be accessed HERE at 10:30. It will be followed by an in-person gathering starting at noon on the Davies grounds. Bring a sampling of water from … read more.

Revs Buck & Murdoch: An LGTBQ+ Legacy

Reverends Florence Buck (1860-1925) and Marion Murdoch (1849-1943) were life-partners and co-ministers of a Unitarian church at a time when women were rarely granted ordination. The Associated Press reported in 1894, “It is their desire to always remain together, and the church that calls one … read more.