Speaker: Rev. Norman Allen

Let’s Soar (Like an Eagle)

If any community has proven its resilience, it’s the Davies Unitarian Universalist Congregation. Join us as we celebrate our vital, dynamic, ever-expanding, community-serving ability to thrive. Kicking off our annual pledge campaign, we’ll revel in current successes and look to an even brighter future. Join us … read more.

Remembered Radiance

To begin this month’s theme of “Resilience,” we look to the wisdom of theologian Howard Thurman. While recognizing that all of us pass through periods of darkness, he also spoke of the need “to continue one’s journey with one’s footsteps guided by the illumination of … read more.

Your Life – Your Sermon

On this weekend devoted to the memory of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., we conclude our series on Integrity and Self-Reflection by turning our gaze outward and considering how our inner core – our faith – might shape our lives. Together, we’ll remember that our … read more.

A Quiet Integrity

In “The Journey,” poet Mary Oliver speaks of moving beyond the cacophony of voices telling us who we are – or who we ought to be – so we might hear the “new voice, which you slowly recognize as your own.” As we continue our … read more.

Journey to the Center

This January we enter a year whose numerical name is an apt pun for the kind of inner vision we seek but seldom find. To make a strong beginning, we’ll travel to our innermost selves – or attempt to. (As poet Luci Shaw writes, “I … read more.

A Candlelit Christmas Eve

Join us for a quiet and contemplative Christmas Eve service in the midst of the heady and hectic holiday season. Together, we’ll light some candles, sing some songs, and re-consider the deep and resonant story of a child born into poverty on a bleak midwinter … read more.

The Advent of Awe

At the intersection of the Winter Solstice, Hanukah and Christmas, we’ll revel in the mystery of beloved stories and celebrate the awe and wonder they uncover in our lives. An impromptu pageant will transform the congregation into a cast of thousands, and the Davies Choir … read more.

An Abundance of Joy!

Davies overflows with joy this Sunday! During worship we’ll welcome new members, sing songs of the season, and share stories that culminate in a tree-topping ceremony featuring our youngest members. Stick around for our annual Trim-A-Tree party, food and fellowship, and the rumored arrival of … read more.

Transgender Remembrance

During our annual service in remembrance of the transgender people whose lives were lost to violence and hate, we’ll lift up the names of the beloved and honor their courage. We’ll also take time to celebrate the joy that comes with being true to ourselves, … read more.

In a Grain of Sand

The hymn “To See the World,” asks us to pay attention to such simple miracles as a grain of sand or a wildflower so that we might “hold infinity in the palm of our hand, and eternity in an hour.” This Sunday, we submerge into … read more.